Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ziad زيـــــاد

Hello my friends! Today I will tell about my newborn brother, Ziad, our new arrival family member who join us on 7 Sep. 2006. Now we are two brothers and two sisters. I love being a part of one big happy family. Ziad is so small, so Cute and looks so funny too with beautiful dark eyes and a head not full of hair. I love watching him cry, sneeze, and make noises while breathing. Truly, it is amazing to have him and watch him grow; it is a completely new lifestyle. I Love him a lot. Me, Aly and Jaida, my brother and sister can never have enough of him. Here is some pics of him ......

Ziad Ziad
Ziad Ziad


Blogger Bagio n Susana said...

Greetings from Singapore.

Wow.. your brother is very cute yeah...

Have a nice day.

7:24 AM

Blogger Rolf said...

Greetings to you and your family.

3:03 AM

Blogger سيبها على الله said...

عزيزتى لووجى
عائلة جميلة واخوك جميل جدا ربنا يخليكوا لبعض... ياريتك تقبليه بالنيابة عنى....

8:54 AM


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